As a wealthy person and/or owner of a company you know that managing your assets and enterprise requires a lot of time and expertise. You appreciate the conservation of your assets, not only for yourself, but also for future generations.

Therefore you are looking for an adept, reliable and committed partner, who can represent  your financial interests. In Q-Capital you will find a partner who combines expertise, customization and pro-activity with trust, integrity and independence.

Q-Capital offers you the expertise which usually is only present at professional financial institutions. We exam what you are being offered and verify if this is in line with the agreed objectives.

By an experience of over 25 years in accountancy and banking operations we have enough experience to connect your wishes and needs to the existing opportunities.  In particular the issues of capital management, financial management of the entrepreneur and the business succession of entrepreneurs in medium and small sized enterprises. Especially the overall and often complex inquiries of entrepreneurial families have our attention.

Integrity stands for honesty, intact and openness. Your capital deserves first class management.

Only from full independence our professionalism can be guaranteed in Q-Capital and provides transparency in consulting and remuneration. You can be assured that all kind of conflicts of interest will be avoided.

Q-Capital operates autonomously and independently. The only agreements on fees that we make are those with our clients. In this way we can  make selections in an objective way and avoid making choices that are not in your best interest.

Coordination and advice
Q-Capital has a coordinating and advisory role in all your financial issues. We sit together with your accountant, tax lawyer, notary, banker and other advisors and act as a service partner. We create a buffer between you and the financial institutions with whom you do business. The notions independence, trust and integrity are essential to our role as a voice and conscience of our clients to be able to perform optimally.

You have your assets built up with great effort and care. You can expect at least similar effort and diligence from us with regard to capital management and  guidance of your financial and organizational issues.

Related to our knowledge of the various branches, prudential  and financial knowledge Q-Capital is asked by entrepreneurs to serve as a 'sounding board' in their business operations and in making policy and strategy decisions. By talking regularly with each other you will be helped as an entrepreneur in the substantiated  taking of your decisions.

To get a complete picture of the development of your assets, you can periodically receive an assets overview. In addition, the developments are periodically evaluated in a personal conversation.

Thanks to the evaluation you can make a correct estimate of the developments of your assets. Hereby we also pay attention to the yield contribution.
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