Q-Capital offers personal assistance to its clients. Clients such as wealthy individuals, families and entrepreneurs. Clients that are venturous and wealthy and have insufficient time, knowledge or experience to pay attention to their personal (financial) issues. Business which often also refers to the whole family or the company. Emotional issues that should be handled carefully.

You will be advised by Q-Capital independently and accompanied with your investment and financing issues. By connecting our bank expertise, knowledge and experience to your wishes and needs of the entrepreneur/company, Q-capital provides high added value.

Q-Capital is central point of contact for all issues, both financially and fiscally and through inheritance, which ensures that your situation is and remains well arranged. Shared opinions of all your consultants are matched and secured, so no double work will take place. Having a central point of contact and working from an overall advise has great benefits. Reporting will be done periodically to discuss the progress, if desired in the shape of a complete financial report.

Which issues? That will be decided by you.

Q-Capital is also employable for shared opinions, giving second opinions and interim assignments. Q-Capital is completely independent, does not sell products and works strictly only for its clients where no compensation from third parties are received.

For a second opinion you can contact us directly.

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